Volf Alexander

Male, 33 year,

born on 3 Apr 1985

Russia, Krasnodar
not willing to relocate,
prepared for occasional business trips

Career objective: developer, project manager.


Working hours: 40 hours per week

Schedule: full day (Moscow timezone), remote work

Debugging and finding source of problem.

Writing detailed technical specifications.

Managing tasks, communication with the customer of task.

Jun 2019 — by present time

Sportmaster Lab

Senior developer

Spring boot, maven.

Jul 2018 — by Jun 2019

Integrated Information Solutions

Java developer

Spring: core, hibernate, postgresql, docker, liquibase, vaadin, gradle.
Refactoring 3-4 year old code (spring framework, spring security, hibernate, extjs, apache cxf).
Сontinued migration from maven to gradle.
Update all stack to fresh dependencies (spring fw/sec 4.3/4.2).

Developing submodule on proprietary system based on spring framework (spring framework, hibernate, vaadin).

Research in frontend frameworks: angular, react (js/ts), react on kotlin-js. Making example applications with graphql client.

From march 2019 I developed frontend on React (typescript) from scratch:
- dynamic list and edit from generator based on json descriptor;
- graphql client;
- integration custom list with dynamic edit form.

Used tomcat over gradle gretty plugin and war on standalone server.

Configured spa application and java backend (graphql servlet) to one port via nginx.

Mar 2017 — Jul 2018

Inquarta/KAYAN - Krasnodar

Java developer

I've worked with JHipster, docker, Spring: core/boot/data/cloud stream (Kafka), liqubase, Elasticsearch, AngularJS, Angular 5, JAXB.

I've developed telemarketing system and management system of the cloud PBX (Megafon megapbx.ru) for analysis of the quality of work managers working in real estate sales.

API for downloading and listening phone call from cian.ru
API for full management of cloud PBX (megapbx.ru): phones configuration, phone calls redirections, employee and division management, phone call listening; improved callback method for events and information loading about phone calls.
I configured Kafka cluster for distributed cloud PBX signals processing.
For 3 months I designed, implemented and launched the lidogeneration system.

Sep 2011 — Mar 2017

about 5 years

Quickpay - Russia, Barnaul / Quickpay Inc. - USA, Miami

senior developer, technical director

Support and development payment system.
Hiring new team, organization of work.
Creation of system documentation.
Building software development rules.
5 years team management experience, team was from 4 to 10 developers. I was involved in development and management process.
2,5 years experience in remote team management (skype/redmine/email).

May 2009 — Sep 2011

2 years 5 months

Quickpay - Barnaul

java/php developer

Support and development payment system.

Feb 2007 — Aug 2008

1 year 7 months

Quickpay - Barnaul

java/php developer

Support and development payment system.

Oct 2004 — Oct 2006

2 years 1 month


Developing server application based on micq (C language) for searching clients, message sending and new icq uin registrations.
The project succesfully completed.

Developing client-server application for processing SMS via SMPP on java.
The project succesfully completed.

Software development Java Spring Framework Hibernate

FreeBSD Git PostgreSQL Redmine

Project management Eclipse

Java: J2SE, J2ME.
J2ME: developing applications for sending data via SMS/GPRS, interactive applications.
J2SE: applications on AWT, Swing, SWT, network, server applications, with database connectins, cryptography, developing obfuscation application with string crypting (via BCEL), work with BlueCove/DBUS (message notifications via bluetooth).
Java-libraries: Hibernate, JSP, Spring.
Java-containers: Tomcat, jetty.
Databases: Postgresql, MySQL, Oracle (base knowledge).
Postgresql: PL/pgSQL/partitioning/standby replication.

VCS skills: GIT, SVN, CVS.
Skills with GIT about 5 years.

Essential skills in Java:

Recently I read following books:

Tasks management: Redmine, Jira.
Documenting: XWiki, MediaWiki, Confluence.

Virtualization: FreeBSD/jail, VirtualBox, QEMU, LXC, Docker.

FreeBSD: using as desktop system (and as local home-server) in 10 years (since 1999г., from FreeBSD 3.4), kernel rebuilding, system update from sources, writing/patching FreeBSD ports, PF tuning, configuring server daemons and so on. At this moment it is major system for processing data because simple configuring and flex tuning.
Linux: using as desktop/localserver system since 2009 year for compatibility between workplaces (Ubuntu).

5 years team management experience, team was from 4 to 10 developers. I was involveved in development and management process.
2,5 years experience in remote team management (skype/redmine/email).

PHP: developing web и standalone applications since 2001 year without and with frameworks, main skills with Zend framework (integration with existing system).
С/С++:network applications, Tumar cryptography library (Kazakhstan, 2011г.), STL.
Other langs/skills: Pascal/FreePascal, C# (Mono, WinCE .Net), Arduino, GWT, JavaScript, jQuery, Assembler (DOS, Win32, BSD/Linux).
IDE: PhpStorm, Eclipse, MonoDevelop, MSVS 2005, Lazarus, Arduino IDE.

Meetings and conferences:

4D proekt (Quickpay), LLC - Akhmerov Ramil (CEO) 

4D proekt (Quickpay), LLC - Sohorev Sergey (PHP developer) 

МПС (MPS Quickpay), LLC - Bezrouchkin Eugene (CEO) 

МПС (MPS Quickpay), LLC - Abramov Anton (PHP developer) 

МПС (MPS Quickpay), LLC - Radyk Sergey (C/C++ developer) 

System Quickpay, LLC - Timur Asanov (CEO) 

Higher education

2009, software engeneer

Barnaul, Altay State Technical University, Faculty of Engineering Pedagogy and Informatics, Software computer tecnology and automated systems, diploma

Secondary education

2002, lyceum, specialization - computer languages

Russia, Altay region, Barnaul, Engineering technology lyceum №124

Russian — native

English — reading professional literature, writing in professional subject

Citizenship: Russia

Work permit: Russia

Travel time to work: less hour